Kickstart Moderation Winter 2021!

“We all make mistakes, have struggles, and even regret things in our past. But you are not your mistakes, you are not your struggles, and you are here NOW with the power to shape your day and your future.”
― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience


We believe in you! We’re here to help you believe in yourself! Because, you know what? You’re more awesome than you know.

Registration for Kickstart Moderation Winter 2021! is open to anyone who wants support to start on the path to changing their relationship with alcohol in a positive manner, however that looks to them. We are not professionals, we are people just like you who have traveled the same path and have learned from our experiences and the experiences of our fellow Moderation Management travelers. We’re here to share this knowledge with you but to also learn from you, because we’re still traveling and exploring and discovering, too.

We recognize that Covid-19 has caused financial hardship among many of us and we don’t want anyone who wants to start on this path to wait. If the requested registration donation is an obstacle on your path, please contact us at for a free coupon code.

If you are able and would like to donate the fee for a participant who cannot afford the fee at this time, please visit the MM Donation Page to make your donation. Then, contact us at to let us know about your donation.

Please Read!: A Username is required. Do not use your email address or full real name as your username. Thank you!


15 thoughts on “Kickstart Moderation Winter 2021!”

    1. Hi Annlies. The program consists of a daily email and a tool or task. We have a list of weekly goals for participants to choose from. We will introduce rosters in the private facebook group or onsite forum where participants can commit to a goal with others. For example, everyone who is choosing to abstain for a day can commit to one of our abstinence rosters (you’ll learn more about them in the program), those who are moderating according to the MM Guidelines can sign up for the M Roster, and those who want to use the Power of One tool (something else you’ll learn more about) to reduce their drinks by one, or delay starting drinking by one hour, or make their drinks last one hour…can commit to that for the day. We do have group meetings. We have presentations by our sponsors on Monday nights, followed by a meeting, a general meeting on Wednesday nights and a Saturday morning/afternoon (depending on your time zone) coffee clutch.

      We believe that the most powerful tool is community, so we encourage lots of interaction in our private facebook community or the onsite private forum, for those who aren’t comfortable with facebook. We believe in taking steps that can be successful and sustainable and building on that success.

  1. I just started exploring MM and am interested. Is the Kickstart of greatest value to those who are drinking? I’m currently abstaining and plan to continue that indefinitely, partly for its own sake but also as part of my weight loss and fitness plan. SO — it’s unlikely that I’d be doing any drinking over the next few months. I’m thinking the content might help me down the road if I choose to ease alcohol back into my routine now and then. My concern, though, is that participating now might trigger me to start using right away, possibly with disastrous results. Any thoughts on that?

    1. Hi Ty,
      We have had participants in the past who have abstained succesfully through the Kickstart but the focus is on moderating, not abstinence. This Kickstart is a little different because we are also discussing gently introducing drinking back into your life after an abstinent period which would be helpful for you down the road. However, it could be a trigger and if you’re worried about that,I’d wait and do a later Kickstart. We will probably have another one in June.

  2. Hi Mary, It’s PatF – did I sign up for Kickstart? Think I did but want to confirm. Also – it starts on February 1 – do I need a link to go to on 2/1? Also, do I use my MM password or need another or need to establish one for Kickstart? Thanks,

    1. Hi Patrick, you are registered. Since you are using a hotmail account, you probably did not receive the welcome message and you will have a hard time resetting your password, because hotmail blocks emails from the wordpress site. However, you will still be receiving the daily emails sent out with the daily post since they come from mailchimp and I have tested mailchimp and hotmail and they work together. Confused yet? You will still need a password to sign into the website to see the daily tools, tasks and drinks, so I will generate one for you and send it to you from my gmail account.

  3. Good morning, Mary. I haven’t been receiving the daily e-mails. I read your suggestion about checking the (receive email box) but I haven’t found that box. Can you check to see if you have my correct email account. I have done the dry January with MM a couple times. This year I joined the fb group and read all the daily news letters. Having that extra support sure made the month easier. I want to stay connected.
    Thanks for checking this out for me!

    1. Hi Molly,
      I checked the mail service (mailchimp) that send the daily emails and it shows that your daily posts have been sent to your email address but they have not been opened. Try searching for “Kickstart” in your gmail search bar. Mine usually show up in the promotions folder on my gmail. Let me know if you find them.

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