Kickstart Moderation Program: A New Start From Wherever You Are!

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“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance and order and rhythm and harmony.” – Thomas Merton


Is over-drinking throwing you off-balance? Have you forgotten what order and rhythm and harmony feel like ?

Kickstart Moderation will help you regain equilibrium.

Kickstart Moderation is a program created by long-term members of Moderation Management. We are not professionals, we are people who have struggled with overdrinking, just like you. Kickstart Moderation is not therapy, it is a compilation of strategies and tools that we have gathered and used ourselves to successfully change not only how much we drink, but how we drink. The course content is available to you for two months and is designed for you to proceed at your own pace. The weekly Kickstart Meetings and private Kickstart FB group will become your  support community.

Kickstart Moderation Course

The course content will be available for 6 months for participants to complete at their own pace.

If you’ve participated in previous Kickstart courses, you will notice some changes. Instead of lessons being presented in a blog format, they are now organized into a course format and you will be able to complete each section at your own pace. Also, you will become a member of a perment private Kickstart Moderation Facebook group and also be welcome to attend Kickstart meetings for the entire six months that your membership is active.

Register below for the Kickstart Moderaton Course.

If the requested registration donation is an obstacle on your path, please contact us at for a free coupon code.

*Kickstart members also receive occasional emails from Moderation Management which include the monthly MM Newsletter


12 responses to “Kickstart Moderation Program: A New Start From Wherever You Are!”

    • Welcome to Team Kickstart Spring 2023 Pamela!
      There is a Welcome Email on its way to you which will tell you more about what to expect during this program. Team Kickstart Spring 2023 starts on March 1st and that is when the course content will become accessible. I may open it up before and if I do, I will send all participants an email informing them the content is open.

    • Hi Kathleen,
      If you click on the Course tab at the top of the page and then the Kickstart Moderation Course Outline, it gives a description of the course.

    • Hi Annaka,
      You are indeed registered. If you are being redirected back to the registration page when you try to click on the course, it probably means you are not logged in. Login and see if that works, if not contact me at

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