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Ready To Kick Your Overdrinking Habit But Not Ready To Quit?

Been trying to reduce your drinking on your own without success?

Kickstart Moderation can make the difference!

What is Kickstart Moderation?

The Kickstart Moderation program is designed to help participants discover or rediscover the fundamental tools and behavior modifications that lead to life-long changes in their relationship with alcohol.

To help you on your own unique moderation journey, we will share a daily post, tool and task to create and support changes you choose. We’ll introduce daily non-alcoholic or low alcoholic drink alternatives to explore.

Most importantly, you’ll be a part of a compassionate, non-judgmental community who supports you in the distinct goals you choose for yourself, not a list of goals that someone else chooses for you.

So, what are you waiting for???

What do participants have to say about Kickstart Moderation?

“So helpful! Amazing at the significant changes with tips and tools that I never even thought of. Small changes made a big lifestyle difference for me.”

“This kickstart program was well run and managed. Great job!!! I loved that there was a tool and new ideas each day. What I love most about Moderation Management is the Zoom meetings. It’s great to connect with a community and have options every night of the week. While in person meetings would be nice, it is not an option for many cities. Keep up the great work!!! Thank you.”

“The loads of compassion and zero judgment, those are the most important ingredients for me. If I trip up, I don’t have to start back at square one. I start right from where I am, bringing everything I’ve learned to help me along.”


Join Today:

Early Bird Registration is open for Kickstart Moderation Summer 2022! The program starts July 1, 2022 but if you join before June 15, 2022, the requested donation is only $25.00.

We like close-knit communities at MM, so membership in this Kickstart is limited.

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About Us

Moderation Management (MM) is a behavioral change program and national peer support group network for people concerned about their drinking who desire to make positive lifestyle changes. MM empowers individuals to accept personal responsibility for choosing and maintaining their own path, whether moderation or abstinence. We promote early self-recognition of risky drinking behavior, when moderate drinking may be an achievable goal.

Outcome studies indicate that brief intervention programs are successful and cost effective. We offer a supportive mutual-help environment that encourages people who are concerned about their drinking to take action to cut back or quit drinking before drinking problems become severe.

We are not professionals, we are people just like you who have traveled the same path and have learned from our experiences and the experies of our fellow Moderation Management/Kickstart Moderation travelers. We’re here to share this knowledge with you but to also learn from you.

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