Kickstart Moderation Summer 2021!

“You’ll reach a comfort zone in your life and start to wonder how you got there, how did you miss the sign posts that directed your real inner truth? Don’t feel so guilty, you know when your meant to know and I guess that’s the thing they don’t teach you; when growing up, pain is inevitable but staying the same is a choice. Don’t question why your feeling ready for something new, question why you stayed the same for so long.”
― Nikki Rowe

Can’t see the sign posts up ahead? Have no idea what inner truth is or if you have any? That’s okay. You know more than you think you know. We’re here to help you figure that out.

Registration for Kickstart Moderation Summer 2021! is open to anyone who wants support to start on the path to changing their relationship with alcohol in a positive manner, however that looks to them. We are not professionals, we are people just like you who have traveled the same path and have learned from our experiences and the experiences of our fellow Moderation Management travelers. We’re here to share this knowledge with you but to also learn from you, because we’re still traveling and exploring and discovering, too.

We recognize that Covid-19 has caused financial hardship among many of us and we don’t want anyone who wants to start on this path to wait. If the requested registration donation is an obstacle on your path, please contact us at for a free coupon code.

If you are able and would like to donate the fee for a participant who cannot afford the fee at this time, please visit the MM Donation Page to make your donation. Then, contact us at to let us know about your donation.

Please Read!: A Username is required. Do not use your email address or full real name as your username. Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Kickstart Moderation Summer 2021!”

  1. I logged in because I thought there was a meeting. How do I get to the meeting? I have done my reading? Please let me know how I can access the meeting. I have paid.

    1. Hi Dale,

      I am sorry for the confusion. The Kickstart meetings don’t start until this Wednesday. There will be a meeting every Monday and Wednesday. There was a Monday night Book Discussion meeting for the people who registered for the Early Bird registration before May 15. This is the first time we’ve offered a Book Discussion meeting, we thought it would be helpful to keep those who registered early committed. I did not think those who registered later would be interested since they might be behind in the reading. Next time, if we do another book club, we will make sure to include every person who registers.

      1. Thank you, Mary. I am definitely tuning in for the meeting tonight. I am doing the reading and looking forward to the discussion. This is my second day of my first 30, so support is very important to me. Thanks, again, Dale.

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