Kickstart Moderation Fall 2021!

Change is scary!

We know. We’ve been right where you are. We are not professionals, we are people just like you who have traveled the same path and have learned from our experiences and the experiences of our fellow Moderation Management travelers. We’re here to share this knowledge with you but to also learn from you, because we’re still traveling and exploring and discovering, too.

Registration for Kickstart Moderation Fall 2021! is open to anyone who wants company on the path to changing their relationship with alcohol in a positive manner, however that looks to them.

We don’t want anyone who is ready to start on this path to wait. If the requested registration donation is an obstacle on your path, please contact us at for a free coupon code.

If you are able and would like to donate the fee for a participant who cannot afford the fee at this time, please visit the MM Donation Page to make your donation. Then, contact us at to let us know about your donation.

Please Read!: A Username is required. Do not use your email address or real name as your username. Thank you!


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