Kickstart Moderation Team Program: April 2024


“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance and order and rhythm and harmony.” – Thomas Merton


Is over-drinking throwing you off-balance? Have you forgotten what order and rhythm and harmony feel like ?

Kickstart Moderation will help you regain equilibrium.

Kickstart Moderation is a program created by long-term members of Moderation Management. We are not professionals, we are people who have struggled with overdrinking, just like you. Kickstart Moderation is not therapy, it is a compilation of strategies and tools that we have gathered and used ourselves to successfully change not only how much we drink, but how we drink. The course is designed to be completed during the month of April, but the content is available to you through May 31st. The weekly Kickstart Meetings and private Kickstart Facebook group will become your  support community. Weekly Kickstart Meetings will be held during the month of April, and you will have permanent access to the Kickstart private Facebook group.

If the requested registration donation is an obstacle on your path, please contact us at for a free coupon code.